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Erogen Enterprises INC.

939 A Cleveland Ave. East Point, GA 30344 | 404-305-8184 Fax - 404-305-2252

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Erogen's Consulting Services will:

  • Customize your needs
  • Reduce claim turn around time
  • Facilitate reimbursement
  • Full practice management setup
  • Customized reporting
  • Post payments to accounts
  • Analyze data entry , billing and coding
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Professional follow up
Who We Are?
Erogen Enterprises, Inc. is a billing and consulting company that is dedicated to helping medical practices become more efficient and save money by allowing them to outsource their insurance processing and medical billing to an expert reimbursement service.

Expert Claim Handling
We have more than 25 years of experience in the areas of data entry, coding, auditing, claims processing, collections, accounts receivable and multi-specialty billing.

We also have our HIPAA compliance manual in place and follow privacy guidelines to protect your patient's information.

Our Mission
We are committed to providing outstanding service. Our goal is to provide cost effective billing, collections, and consulting solutions to the healthcare community. We offer health care providers superior billing services to increase cash flow and improve profitability. We are familiar with all facets of the claim submission, follow-up and billing process.
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